Feeling overwhelmed with everything you need to know? Feel like you’re not retaining the information no matter how much you study? Today we are going to be discussing seven different elements that indicates you may need a tutor in order to successfully learn whatever it is that you need to know. You’re going to find this very beneficial especially if you have been feeling discouraged or losing motivation towards studying.

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#1- You’re Not Quickly Comprehending The Information

Now there may be multiple reasons why’re not really grasping the information you are reviewing. One of them is that you may have an underlying learning disorder such as dyslexia. Dyslexia is a learning disability that is not always recognized right away but once it is recognized it can make a world of a difference with how to effectively study. Many tutors are able to identify students who have dyslexia from maybe one or two interactions of studying with them that students have been unaware of for their whole lives. In addition, depending on the tutor, they are also trained to teach students with dyslexia as well as teach the student how they can study differently in order for them to finally grasp the information.

#2- You Been Studying Forever

What I mean by this is maybe you been taking the same class over and over again, on your own and you’re getting the same result. Or maybe you have been preparing for the same examination over and over again and you still haven’t passed it. Then this means that there are learning obstacles that can be more easily and quickly addressed with a tutor to not only keep you accountable but also show you why what you’re learning is not working. And that could help you get to your end goal FASTER. Imagine arriving to whatever that goal is you have in mind within the next 2 months versus the last two years. You could be able to move on with your life and enjoy the advantages of hitting that milestone.

#3- You Feel Overwhelmed

It’s normal to feel like you have a lot of information to review but if you always feel overwhelmed because of that, this is a problem. You don’t eat an elephant at once, you do it one bite at a time but if you’re struggling to recognize what those bites should look like then this is a problem. If you’re struggling to identify how to break up what you need to cover into a plan then a tutor get help you to quickly get organized and refocused on what actually matters so you’re not wasting your time. They can be your support system so you don’t feel like you are doing this alone.

#4- You Don’t What To Study

It’s one thing to feel overwhelmed because you know there is so much information to cover but it’s another thing if you’re not even sure what that information is! A tutor will help you to identify the actual fundamentals you need to implement so can learn the specifics you need to know to accomplish your goal. A tutor will not just assist you to reach your goals but they will help you to study the appropriate material so you can start to regain your confidence again in what you need to know.

#5- You Struggle To Stay Consistent

It’s Saturday. No classes, no work, nothing really going on. What are you planning on doing? Are you pulling out your books to study or do you feel like you need to unwind so you spend most of the day binging on your favorite Netflix shows and movies? One of your girlfriends hits you up and tells you we need to do xyz this weekend, but previously you told yourself that you’re going to study, do you tell her no and decline or do you end up giving in and asking her what time you should meet her. If you’re struggling to stay consistent, then having an excellent tutor can help you to always stay consistent because you know you made an investment into your future then you need to see a return on so you put aside other things consistently so you can ultimately get those results that you desire.

#6-  You’re On A Time Crunch

If you need to accomplish whatever you’re learning goal is by a specific time then you definitely need to hire a tutor as soon as possible. For example, let’s say you need to pass your NCLEX exam before the end of the year or you need to successfully pass your class before the semester ends, then a tutor will help you to obtain that goal much much more quickly then if you had done it on your own.

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#7- You Don’t Know What You’re Missing/Doing Wrong

If you are learning and you don’t know what it is you’re missing or why you’re not passing your exams or your classes then you honestly need more individualized attention. Individualized attention from a tutor will help to uncover the root of the issue you are having and then not only give you more personalized feedback along the way but also teach and mentor you to help you achieve that goal. Have you ever driven a car? Sometimes you will turn your head to take a look but because you have blind spots you couldn’t see that car or that passenger because they were in your blind spot. A tutor will help you to see your blindspots.

How To Get Start With Wyzant Tutoring

  1. Identify How You Want To Meet With Your Tutor

Do you want to meet with them online, or in person or if you’re not sure yet you can select that one as well.

2. Select What Time zone You Are In

Choosing your time zone helps you to be on the same page with the time zone as your selected tutor.

3. Select Which Educational Level You Are In

4. Enter Your Availability

Next you want to put your availability. Just put an estimate availability time frame or anytime if you’re not sure. You can always talk through with your tutor later about the times you will meet.

5. Enter How Soon You Need To Start Working With Your Tutor

6. Choose From The List Of Tutors 

Now you can start going through the list of tutors and choose that one you want to work. Take a look at their ratings, reviews as well as their bio to help you decided.

Variety Of Different Types

The great thing about using Wyzant tutoring is that there is a variety of different tutors that can teach different subject areas.