Author: Chioma Okeke RN, BSN, PHN

Looking to raise money to attend nursing school or even cover the expenses to go back to school? Here are seven unique ways to raise financial aid to help cover for nursing school expenses!

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below, but these are all products I highly recommend. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or personally used.”



#1 – Apply For Small Scholarships

Aside from applying for federal financial aid such as through Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and getting high interest student loans or applying for major scholarships amongst a pool of hundreds of thousands of applicants, try looking for scholarships through smaller companies/organizations. Since they are either a small business or non profit, there will be less people applying for the scholarship which can dramatically increase your chances of actually winning. You can start by googling or researching online small companies or non profit organizations that are dedicated towards helping education involving health care professionals or STEM related majors. Then searching on their website if they provide financial aid or scholarships.



#2- Sell on Ebay

It still works to sell products you have on ebay. There are millions of people who check Ebay online every day which means that you never have to worry about marketing your products just posting the right products. What are things you have around your home that you no longer use or need and could sell online? You can even take it a step further and go to discounted stores such as Ross or Walmart and resell it for a higher price on your Ebay store. If this is something that really interests you, you can join my free Facebook group called, “How To Make Extra Cash Online Using Ebay!”


#3- Start a Youtube Channel

Did you know there are people all over the world who are making millions of dollars online from their Youtube channel? Now you don’t need to necessarily make millions but wouldn’t an extra $200-$300 a month go a long way towards covering things like books or food every month? You can start a Youtube channel by doing a video blog about your journey starting and going through nursing school. It could be a great form of income as well as a healthy outlet to journal out your experiences.


#4 – Start a Podcast

Speaking of sharing about your journey into and going through nursing school, maybe video is not really your thing. Maybe you would feel more confidence in sharing your voice to the world only. If that is the case, then starting a podcast can be a great alternative to raising money for financial aid. You can once again share your experiences to the world and get paid for doing so. And you do not need special equipment to do it. All you really need is just your phone and you can use an app to record your podcast that distributes out each episode you record to all the Podcast platforms for you! The one I use and recommend is called Anchor. You can subscribe to my podcast which is called, “All Things Nursing With Nurse Chioma” to hear exactly why I recommend using this particular podcast editing app.



#5- Write An Ebook

More people are reading online than ever. You could write an ebook about either going into nursing or other topics that you are passionate about such as cooking, parenting, etc. It’s a step by step process but you can write your ebook out in Google docs, have it designed using a very affordable ebook design platform for only $5 through and then publish your book via a website I recommend called, Gumroad. Gumroad is free to use but they do take a very small fee of every sale that you make. You could market your book by joining different groups online and sharing your book information. The first step would be to sign up with Gumroad first which you can join by doing so here. Then if you want more of the full step by step help, you can learn more about my online course called, “How To Write A Book Course” where I give you video trainings that breaks down all the steps for you.



#6- Write A Blog

Don’t feel like showing your face or people hearing your voice? Then the next best thing is to write a blog instead. There are people who make anywhere from $50,000-$100,000 per month from their blog. There are different ways you make money through your blog but main ways is through either Google Adsense, sharing referral links and/or sharing your courses.  I highly recommend using Bluehost to start your blog. It’s very affordable and easy to set up on your own. I recommend Bluehost over other companies because of how easy it is, they provide great customer support and you can get your first domain name (the website url) for the first year of your blog for free! Bluehost is a company that not provides access to domain names, they do the website hosting for your blog so it never crashes and you can control every single thing you need to keep your blog running well. You can go to their website now to get your domain name to get started.  



#7- Create an Online Course

The final recommendation for raising financial aid for nursing school is to create your own online course. This could be a course on just about ANYTHING. You would be surprised what people are interested in learning. You can either do a course on your experience with getting into nursing school or you can do a course on other things you are passionate about. However it should be something that you definitely are confident in talking about and that you personally know, not just something that you googled one time. The platform I love and recommend is called Kajabi. Now Kajabi can more expensive to use for some people but I would honestly say it’s the best if you are really serious about building out a long term passive course(s). Kajabi is great because it’s not only just a platform for creating courses but it also includes email marketing services (so you can send emails to tell people to buy your course) and landing pages (so you can design sales pages that tells people why they should buy your course). In addition, they have several features that makes it more convenient for you to sell more by including order bumps or upsells. You can go here to join their free trial and test it out.



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