As an NCLEX Prep Coach, I am always doing a lot of research as far as what exactly you need to pass your NCLEX exam. One of the ways I am able to do this research is by speaking directly with nurse graduates like yourself. Now one of the things I have noticed is the significance of the number of questions taken for people who do not pass their exam.

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The amount of questions you got on the exam tells me A LOT about what you need exactly to pass your exam. Now take for example 75 questions.

First know that this evaluation is not the automatic rule of thumb for everyone but I have found this does apply to about 9/10 who have failed their exam at 75 questions.

I have seen over and over again that if you got 75 questions exactly and the computer shut off, you likely have a major problem with HOW you understand the content. This is the number one issue. And if this is you, doing practice questions over and over again is not going to make you more stronger or more likely to pass your exam the next time.


Also remember this problem is still occurring AFTER using all the resources and review books and going through multiple different review courses. Which should tell you that it is not about HOW MUCH content you get or how many books you buy but rather the strategy with how it is consumed. This is why people can go through so many resources but still fail their exam.


Because the material isn’t sticking in a way where you understand it well enough for the exam to pass you. Hence why you’re so frustrated or uneasy about taking it soon.

Here are the some of the questions you want to ask yourself before you take your exam.

  • Do I really know the material well or do I just recognize something (ex:diagnosis, drug etc) when I see it?
  • Am I scoring high when I do practice questions?
  • Do I feel confident with multiple different test taking techniques?


Really evaluate the answers to these questions now before you next test date.

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