Thinking you should quit nursing? Inside of this article, I will help you to carefully examine if this is the best decision for you and what you should do next if it is.

quit nursing

With the COVID-19 pandemic, it has put such a sharp change in healthcare. However not just healthcare but the nursing industry as a whole. Many people have decided to become a nurse after the overwhelming demand for nurses. Nursing schools all over the world reported very high numbers of nursing school applications at the peak of the pandemic.

But with that, this has also caused ALOT of nurses to not just leave but PERMANENTLY leave the profession all together, especially baby boomers. Should you really quit nursing? Is it wise to quit now? Let’s talk about three different questions you should ask yourself before you make this permanent decision.

#1- What’s the TRUE reason?

I want you to take a moment and ask yourself, what is the true reason why you want to permanently leave nursing now? Are you nursing school and you feel like it’s because nursing is just too hard? Trying to pass a nursing exam and you don’t feel smart enough to pass? Is your job demanding you to get the vaccine and you do not feel comfortable doing so? Write this down. Because there is a solution for each of these reasons which may not mean that you should permanently quit nursing.

Are there resources you haven’t looking into to help you better understand nursing content? Do you need to seek a mentor or attend a conference who can give you ideas to help you finally get into a good program?

Have you just not considered taking a leave an absence from your job so you have time to rethink your decision? Have you considered switching nursing specialties instead?

Inside of our blog article, “11 Resources You Must Obtain To Succeed As A Nurse“, we talk about all of the things that truly goes into having a long and successful nursing career.

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#2- Have I explored EVERYTHING before quitting?

Maybe it’s time to network with other nurses. Maybe you should attend a nursing conference that exposes you to other nursing specialties as well as the life of nurses in other specialties. Maybe bedside isn’t for you anymore. Maybe you should try home health instead. There’s so many options that are available.

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#3- Will I regret this in the long term if I quit now?

Are you still in a lot of debt? Got credit cards and student loans that still need to be paid off? I’m not saying at all that nursing is all about the money but you can not ignore the fact that there are nurses making $6K-$8K a week right now working. Think about how long it will take for you to pay off the current debt you have now. If you do decide to go back to school for something that isn’t nursing, think about how long it will take for you to get on your feet again financially? Do you have a family or other outside responsibilities that need you to survive? These are all things you want to consider.

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