2020 came. Covid hit. Deaths rose. Hospitals were packed. Schools shifted.

Inside of this article, we are going to be talking all about to manage with learning online effectively, especially now that so much of learning is being held online. Here are nine different study tips to help point you in the right direction.

#1- Obtain physical resources

One of the problems that some people have with learning online is that they don’t have something tangible in front of them that helps them to really feel like they are gaining a strong grasp on things. One way to manage this is to try to obtain some kind of physical resource such as a book that matches what you are currently learning online, this will help a lot with retention.

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Picmonic has some great books online that will help you in this area with a large quantity of visual aides.


You can also learn about a number of physical books here written by our founder Nurse Chioma below.

#2- Visual aides

You can learn online. People do it all the time. Before the pandemic came, people were learning attending online universities so know it’s possible. Another thing you can do is incorporate much more visual aides into your training. You can do this through downloading ebooks, obtaining visual notes or books in general.

Our partner, Picmonic has a library of visual video teachings that integrate, much strong visual aides than any other resource you will find.

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#3- Obtain a study partner

A study partner is so vital because they will help you feel more comfortable in your learning and you can help each other remain accountable. You can join our facebook group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/NclexPrepForSuccess to help you find a study partner.

#4- Engage during the online learning

The best way to retain is to engage as much as you can during the time you are doing your online learning. Whether this is asking questions, completing a post and or taking notes is so vital.

#5- Study consistently

For online learning to be very effective, just like anything else you have to be consistent. So create a schedule for yourself to help you study on a more regular basis. Also give yourself a day off or two so that way you can remain balanced and consistent.

#6- Watch hands on training on YouTube

Because many hospitals are limiting nursing students or non medical staff from working in the hospital, you can utilize this time to watch videos that shows you more of the hands on teachings you are likely missing, such as how to insert a foley, how to record chest tubes and etc.

You can follow our Youtube channel here. 

#7- Take aggressive notes

It’s really important that you do take plenty notes as you are learning ANYTHING. The reason why this is so important is because it promotes tactile learning which helps with retaining new information.

#8- Watch videos 

One thing I would say is that you should definitely incorporate reading in your studying but videos are king when it comes to quick comprehension. A great rule of thumb is to use videos to help you conceptualize and visualize what you’re learning but use books and notes to help you really memorize it and retain. Putting the two together will help alot with learning effectively.

#9- Create flashcards

Creating flash cards is still an effective method to help with online learning or even just learning in general. You can still go to the dollar tree or 99 cent store and get some index cards and start writing out flashcards that you can use to test yourself with later.