Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list below of some frequently asked questions you may have. 


Q: How do I access my products?

A: Our products are available online, to access them simply go to our membership portal which is OR and enter the email address and password that you used to sign up for the product.


Q: Do you accept PayPal?

A: Yes we do. We also accept all major credit cards and debit cards as well (with visa or mastercard logo). If you have any troubles purchasing a product. Please email us to with more details so we can assist you.


Q: I need help with understanding how to register for the NCLEX

A: Sure! Nurse Chioma created a video that walks you through this process of registering for the NCLEX. You can watch the video here on our Youtube channel for free. 


Q: I am an international nurse, I want help. I need to know my eligibility to take NCLEX. 

A: We actually have a brand new page now dedicated towards international nurse graduates like yourself to help you with your process towards becoming a nurse. Please visit the page in detail here —-> and then let us know if you still have any more question.

If you are an international student or graduate and you are trying to determine your eligibility to work in the United States as a nurse or you need guidance in the process towards becoming a registered or licensed practical nurse, then we would actually recommend that you visit the Commission On Graduates Of Foreign Nursing Schools which is located at Here is where you can find all the pertinent information you are looking for.


Q: What is your warranty or guarantee for your products?

A: We treat every person from a case to case scenario which means that results will always vary with every person that utilizes our programs/products. If you are not successful with one of our programs, we can provide you with either a credit or a discount for one of our other products or the same product so you can continue to prepare for your exam. 


Q: I am a organization/school and I am interested in having Nurse Chioma speak, what do I do?

A: Sure thing! Nurse Chioma would love to share her knowledge and expertise in the field of nursing. Just email us to with more details about it!


Q: Do you provide partnership or affiliate/referral opportunities?

A: Absolutely we sure do. If you want to sign up for our affiliate program to promote our NCLEX Review courses you can do so by visiting  If you want to collaborate with us for partnerships, collborations or business opportunities visit . You can also download our media kit at 


Q: How long do I have access to my course?

A: The access length varies for each course. Please read the course description before buying the course to discover the access length. 


Q: When will my product be shipped to me?

A: All our courses and products are available online. Once you purchase the product you should automatically receive a link to login to access your product. Otherwise you can go to to access your product using the same email and password that you used to purchase the program. 


Q: Do you have an NCLEX-PN Review Program?

A: Yes we do. We have a 2 Day NCLEX-PN Cram Review Program which you can register by visiting or you can sign up for our full LPN program which is called the NCLEX Prep For Success For LPN 2.0 program by visiting


Q: Can I speak to Nurse Chioma personally? Can she call me?

A: We handle all of our communications through email/online. Nurse Chioma works directly with committed nurses that are part of the community so we would be more than glad to assist you with any questions you may have. Please let us know by emailing us at 


Q: When I purchase a course does the access of the course start when I purchase it or when you start using the course?

A: It starts when you purchase it.


Q: I am having problems logging into the membership portal. 

A: One of the common reasons why this may be is because you may not be using the correct email address to login with. You have to use the exact same email address that you used to purchase whatever product you bought. When you go to and log in with the right email address plus the corresponding password that you created, you will be able to easily log in. If you still have problems, just click “Forgot my password” located on the bottom of the login link page and a new password will be automatically sent to the email address you purchased the program with.


Q: How do I join the NCLEX Prayer Line?

Please go to to join the prayer line and all the instructions will be sent to your email.