Do you need funding to help cover your education? Inside this video we will discuss how you can easily obtain this!

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How To Fund Your Nursing Education Without Experiencing Long Term Financial Burden and Stress!


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Interested in going back to school?

Not sure where to get the funds to help pay for your education?

Research shows that it takes the average graduate at least 20 years or more to pay off their student loans.

We don’t want that to be you.

That’s why we partnered with a special organization called Juno.



Juno is a foundation that was started by students for students in order to negotiate student loans at an exceptionally low rate for students seeking financial aid for their education.

Their mission is to increase access to and reduce the financial burden of higher education.

Juno has helped thousands of students secure over $100 million dollars in funding.

Each saved each student an average of $8,300

And they have grown now to over 25,000 members.


How does it work?

First you identify what type of loan you are looking for

  • Undergraduate student loan
  • Graduate student loan
  • Refinance student loan

They even have other types of loans such as

  • Health insurance
  • Auto Refinance


You sign up through the Juno Student Loan Negotiation Group for free.

Then lenders compete for your business by offering lower rate options for us to evaluate.

Finally, members apply directly to the lender offering the lowers rates exclusively via Juno.

Important Takeaway: There is no obligation to apply after you join the group for free


There’s no fees to complete this process. No Application, No Origination and No Prepayment Fees.


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Have questions?

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Now you no longer have to stall or put your education on hold due to lack of funding.

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