Struggling to pass your NCLEX exam? Here is a list of 21 different things you can do to increase your chances of passing.

  1. Study with a partner
  2. Create a study plan
  3. Take notes when you listen NCLEX trainings
  4. Study nearly everyday
  5. Use visual aides
  6. Go to the library
  7. Keep your vision in front of you
  8. Don’t talk to negative people
  9. Join study groups where they post updates about the exam
  10. Attend a review class
  11. Study your weak areas
  12. Study anatomy and physiology
  13. Study pharmacology first
  14. Create flash cards
  15. Create audio flashcards
  16. Identify the pathophysiology of each disease pattern 
  17. Use comprehensive books to supplement your learning
  18. Get tutoring 
  19. Ask people to help you
  20. Keep a list of keywords
  21. Learn multiple strategies

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