3 Concepts You Must Understand Before The NCLEX


Many times a lot of people try to pass the NCLEX after years of struggle by taking shortcuts. They may even realize they’re shortcutting their preparation because they are still putting in the “work” to pass.


But many times they do not realize they are just spinning a hamster wheel because they are not learning all of the most important concepts they need to know to succeed.


Here they are in no particular order:


#1- Nurse Fundamentals


Nurse fundamentals are the basic, day-to-day duties that a nurse must perform for his or her patients. This includes topics around the nursing process, restoring healthy physiological responses and more.


#2- Anatomy and Physiology


This is knowing by memorization the different anatomical structures and parts of the body. 


#3- Pathophysiology


This is understanding how the body works and how the disease process alters the normal physiological responses in the body. For example, the pancreas produces beta cells which release insulin. However with type 1 diabetes, those beta cells are too damaged to release the necessary insulin.


These are the first steps.


Inside of my free live workshop training, I will help you to better understand these topics and more in an organized chronological order on top of the core parts of the exam.


You will learn: 


  • How to better understand the diseases
  • Common mistakes most test takers are making
  • The biggest myth about the exam and why it’s NOT true
  • The accurate timeline to passing the NCLEX
  • How to effectively break down NCLEX questions


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