If you are in the position where you are trying to pass your NCLEX exam and you are still struggling with how to pass then I encourage you to read this all the way to the end and watch the video. There may be multiple reasons why you’re unable to be successful with passing your NCLEX exam. The best way for me to identify exactly why you’re not passing your exam is through a consultation call with me. However this post is going to give you some guidance that you might be able to identify with that will help you pass the exam.




Not Dedicating Enough Time

The first reason why you may be struggling with passing your exam is because you’re not dedicating the amount of time required to study for your exam. One of the commonalities that I’ve noticed with nurses preparing to take their NCLEX exam and are unsuccessful is they simply don’t devote enough time to study for the exam. And because they’re not devoting enough time to study for the exam, they’re not covering enough content or they’re not covering enough information or they’re not covering strategies for the questions. So as a result they may have covered content but do not cover the strategies and when they take their NCLEX exam they’re familiar with one area of the exam but are unfamiliar with another. This also leaves them to have high scores in one area and below passing scores in other areas.

An important note is that when you take your NCLEX exam and are not able to pass it, you can get your NCLEX results to see what your scores were. I highly suggest that you do this. You can look to see where you are below passing, or above passing or near passing. This is critical when it comes to reasons why you’re failing your exam. But however dedicating the proper amount of time you take to study for your NCLEX exam is essential to passing your exam. The less time in between you studying and taking your exam then, the more studying you should be doing. For example if you are taking your NCLEX exam in 30 days you should be studying much more then someone who is taking it in 90 days. The time frame that you have to take your exam should give you an indicator of how much time you should be spending studying for your exam. If possible I would encourage you to not work during this time so you can really completely focused on just studying. However I know not everyone has that luxury.


Insufficient Resources

The second reason is you are using insufficient correct resources. Yes you can use too many resources, which I will cover in the next point but however if you are not using enough resources and resources that are of quality then that will reflect on your score for the NCLEX exam. Some people can successfully pass the exam from simply studying from one Saunders book. However not everyone is able to do this. Most people need much more work in order to pass the exam. Why? Because their foundation just isn’t strong enough so they need to fill in the gaps with the correct resources in order for them to pass the exam. This is why it’s so essential to know why you’re not passing your NCLEX exam.


Too Many Resources

You may also be using too many resources. It’s very easy to just buy a whole bunch of resources and then hope that you pass the exam, but if you are not adequately using those resources correctly and if they’re not covering the areas you are weak in, then it is useless. All the resources that you are using should be giving you some aspect of the NCLEX exam that will help you pass it successfully. I get a number of emails from nurses who use several resources and all of the resources are just content but they didn’t acquire any resource that has anything to do with strategies or that has anything to do with questions, and as a result they’ve become very strong in one area but weak in multiple areas. This then leads them to not pass their NCLEX exam. So using more resources does not necessarily equate to better success. It’s more important that you’re using resources that are of quality.


As a result what ends up happening when you use so many different resources, I often find that those nurses that do not pass the exam complain that they don’t know where to start. They don’t know how to focus because there’s so much content for them to cover. This is one of the most common issues that I received from nurses who do not pass the exam. Then what happens is that they become so overwhelmed that they don’t even end up covering what they need to cover in order to pass the exam.


Poor English Proficiency

The third reason why is poor English proficiency. Often times I get a lot of emails from nurses who obtained their degree in nursing in another country. Unfortunately the statistics show that nurses who obtain their nursing degree outside of the United States have a significantly lower passing rate as opposed to those who obtain their nursing degree within the United States.  However the biggest main point is because they may be able to speak English well but the level of proficiency required for the exam may not be adequate enough for them to understand what the questions are asking them. So as a result they struggle more with the questions and they struggle more with getting their practice exam scores up.


Unable To Read The Questions

The other thing as well regardless of nurses that obtain their degree in the US or outside the US is that they are unclear with what the practice question is saying. They can read the question but they cannot read what it’s saying. As a result they end up spending a lot of time deciphering what the question is saying and then they also spend a lot of time narrowing their choices down. What this does is it ends up exhausting the time for their NCLEX exam whether it be 6 hours or 5 hours. If you run out of time on your NCLEX exam the likelihood that you passed is very very low. This is why not knowing how to answer the questions well can be a problem for nurse test takers who are unable to pass the exam. This problem can be eliminated by knowing the right strategies to successfully pass your NCLEX exam and answer the questions appropriately.


The Solution


Content-wise you need to know how to focus

If you don’t know how to narrow your focus when it comes to the NCLEX exam then you are going to struggle because everything is always going to seem overwhelming to you. If you don’t know what you’re supposed to focus on when it comes to the NCLEX exam then you will also struggle because you’re not tackling your weak areas. It’s important to focus on the areas that are covered in the NCLEX exam in a way that you are retaining it and asking the questions appropriately.


Used good quality resources

You need to also use quality resources that will help you tackle specific areas of the NCLEX exam. Each of these resources that are of quality should be feeding you with the type of information you need to pass the exam. Good quality resources should also help you to identify any “aha moments”, as well as bring new insight to life for you. Quality resources will also help strengthen any weak areas you are struggling with.

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You need to also understand the question

You need to also be able to understand and correctly answer questions. One of the ways you can do this is by doing quality NCLEX practice questions. These NCLEX practice questions will help you to identify what is on the NCLEX exam so you can feel comfortable when it comes to the questions. In my post called the Physiological Integrity Questions I will dive more into detail about this. Join our newsletter now so you do not miss it when this article comes out.


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Thank you for taking the time to read this post I hope that you found this information very helpful. If you need to, come back and reread it again just to make sure it sticks to you. If you need additional one-on-one help when it comes to the NCLEX exam then you can email me at choosingnursingllc@gmail.com for help. I also provide another more in depth program on passing your NCLEX exam  through our NCLEX prep programs.

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