3 Major Tips To Passing The NCLEX

One of the greatest challenges to successful preparing for any exam is understanding all the major components of that exam.

The problem becomes when you don’t correctly identify what these components are or you dwell on the wrong things in order to pass the test.

For example the wrong thing, is putting too much focus and energy towards trying to master different formats of questions, i.e, select all that apply questions, case study questions, etc.

This is wrong because the format of the questions honestly doesn’t have a whole lot to do with the test.

It’s about how well you understand the underlying concepts and content.

The format of the questions is just the way they display your understanding of this information.

This is unfortunately what many repeat test takers do, they spend too much time trying to master the format of questions rather than the comprehension of questions which is the core content.

Here are 3 major tips that will really help you to successfully pass your NCLEX exam.

1.) Focus on learning content WITH application

    • It’s not necessarily about how much content you know but how well you understand and can apply the content that you know.
    • If you truly understand something, then you should be able to verbalize it, as well as, recognize what it is, without having ALL the information.
    • It’s much better to know content and apply it, then it is to know a bunch of random content and don’t understand any application skills.

2.) Learn your pathophysiology…..again

    • This is an area that a lot of people forget because quite honestly we don’t really use it when we are working out in the field.
    • However when it comes to the NCLEX, you NEED to know pathophysiology.
    • That’s why we studied it in school.
    • Pathophysiology is about your understanding of how the disease actually works.
    • Without this, you’re going to find yourself struggling to pass the exam.
    • To help you learn the fundamentals in nursing that includes pathophysiology, I recommend utilizing Picmonic.

3.) Improve your critical thinking skills

    • You want to spend time learning how to strengthen your critical thinking skills. If you are poor in thinking critically then you will be a poor test taker.
    • Improving your critical thinking skills is rooted in how well you understand potential complications, risk factors and early versus late symptoms.

Help For International Graduates

If you are an international student or graduate and you are trying to determine your eligibility to work in the United States as a nurse or you need guidance in the process towards becoming a registered or licensed practical nurse, then we would actually recommend that you visit the Commission On Graduates Of Foreign Nursing Schools.  

At this time, Choosing Nursing only provides specific help to actually prepare for the NCLEX exam.

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