For the best results, test preparation involves focus, determination, and the right resources. Knowledge, of course, is important going into an exam, but for the NCLEX, a practical understanding of how you apply your knowledge in the field is required. The NCLEX will not be like most tests you took in nursing school, which are largely knowledge-based. The NCLEX focuses on using critical thinking to apply your skills and knowledge to making actual nursing judgments.

Choosing Nursing is proud to be your go-to solution for NCLEX test prep. We don’t just provide you with resources that cover the information you’ll need to know, we help you determine the areas you’re struggling with so you will know how to approach the test — especially if you’re a repeat test taker. We will help you understand the sections of the test that you need to improve on, and we offer specific solutions to bridge the gap between your education and the exam questions.

For repeat test takers, we specialize in personalized assessments that analyze the results of your first test. This will help you better prepare for and understand the exam the second time around. From online courses to recommended test-prep resources, Choosing Nursing gives future nurses access to the most comprehensive options for preparing for the NCLEX.

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