It taught me how to strategically breakdown the questions as well as the answers in order to select the correct one. I learned how to visualize the question in order to assess what part of the process it is in order to get the correct answer. I learned how to categorize meds by classification and systems to note at least 2 S/E and main Adverse effects. Most importantly I learned there was no longe…Read More

    Andrea B.

    Etsie. LPN
  3. Keshia Passed After 2 Times

    Keshia S, LPN
  4. I Received Confidence Of How To Answer Priority Questions

    Even as a student, my instructors would tell, Mercy you would be the best nurse if you only had confidence in yourself. The first day I joined nurse chioma’s live show on Facebook, she talked about confidence and I was like she is the reason I really now have to build this confidence because it’s what it will take for me to pass the NCLEX-RN exam. Also, her explanations of how to tackle questi…Read More

    Mercy Anchang RN
  5. Thank you nurse Chioma for all your time and help

    I had taken my LPN boards on Tuesday and passed. I still can’t believe it. After putting my studies on hold to raise my children, to finally accomplishing this…I am thankful for this. Thank you nurse Chioma for all your time and help.…Read More

    Brandy LPN
  6. You explained the topics in an easier and simpler way

    As an international graduate from the Philipines who graduated 2009 and failed the NCLEX once and it gave me so much fear to retake it again and I didn’t know how to study. I like it that you even though I’m 8 years out of nursing school, you were able to help me to study and pass the NCLEX. You explained the topics in an easier and simpler way.…Read More

    Julie RN
  7. I passed on the first attempt!

    My biggest challenge with attempting to pass the NCLEX-RN was developing a study plan to help cover the required content areas. Having multiple resources became a bit overwhelming in terms of organization and the linkage of content/ concepts and strategies. Through Choosing Nursing, I was able to gain a study plan and time management, the understanding and application of the concepts and nursing c…Read More

    Dana Lorem