Nursing is a challenging yet highly rewarding profession. Making the decision to become a nurse may have some ups and downs. When you graduate from nursing school, you should be equipped with the knowledge to begin your career. However many still struggle along the way because of not having adequate resources. Choosing Nursing is a unique company that specializes in helping individuals better comprehend nursing content and pass important obstacles in nursing. We also help repeat test takers and international students who need additional support to pass their NCLEX.

Founded by nurse, Chioma Okeke, we believe that your success is our success. It is our goal to help as many people as possible pass the NCLEX, so those who are passionate about nursing can begin their career. Choosing Nursing has been featured as the No.37 spot of the Top 60 YouTube Nursing Channels on FeedSpot blogs, and we are confident we can provide the support you need to succeed. We are here to coach and empower nurses around the globe. Our motto is  “nursing that’s super easy or you’ll change careers”.

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