I want to take a test that's different than the NCLEX

We do not have any support articles or free videos related to any other exam at this time.

I need help with understanding how to register for the NCLEX

Sure! Nurse Chioma created a video that walks you through this process of registering for the NCLEX. You can watch the video here on our Youtube channel for free.

I logged into the portal but I don’t see where to download anything or I’m having problems downloading anything

When it comes to downloading items for the first time, we recommend doing this from your computer, not your cellphone. Here is a video showing how . Please note our 70 Diseases Audio can only be streamed and is not downloadable

If you’re still having problems, we recommend checking with your computer/laptop manufacturer for how to access files on your computer after downloading them and then contacting us.

I am having problems logging into the membership portal

One of the common reasons why this may be is because you may not be using the correct email address to login with. You have to use the exact same email address that you used to purchase whatever product you bought. When you go to and log in with the right email address plus the corresponding password that you created, you will be able to easily log in. If you still have problems, just click “Forgot my password” located on the bottom of the login link page and a new password will be automatically sent to the email address you purchased the program with.

How do I access my products?

Our products are available online, to access them simply go to our membership portal which is OR and enter the email address and password that you used to sign up for the product and you will now have access to the product you paid for through our membership portal. See the image description below.

I failed my NCLEX exam, what do you recommend I should do?

Our School of the NCLEX course will teach you what you need to pass!