Today we are bringing some important facts to you. I recently did some research and I wanted to share with you the top five lowest NCLEX passing rates by states within the past year.

#5- Florida – We all know about Operation Nightingale and the recent scandal that took place with so many nursing schools with the state of Florida being one of the central locations. But it looks like it is definitely reflecting and showing in the NCLEX passing rates. Let us remember this is in the past year so one can only imagine what the numbers will look like once the Next Generation NCLEX arrives next month.

#4- Maryland – This one surprised me a little bit. I’ve been speaking with a number of individuals via Zoom who graduated from a nursing school in Maryland and they still haven’t passed many years later. it’s kind of scary because they often are not aware that they are not the only one.

#3- New York – Now one of the things that really separates New York from all the other states within the country is that they have an unlimited number of tries graduates can take the exam. Which means that test takers are more inclined to taking the exam even with little preparation which could naturally affect the passing rates.

#2- New Mexico – Now I honestly don’t know too much about New Mexico to really comment on why these numbers are happening in this state. However though with an only 77% NCLEX passing rate, it takes #2 on our slots.

#1- Virgin Islands – The number one state we have on our list with the LOWEST passing rate is the Virgin Islands, which does count as a state in one of our 50 states for those who don’t know. I have talked to SEVERAL people in the Virgin Islands that haven’t passed their test yet and you want to know one of the major things I have noticed that prevents them from passing? Not understanding the content. The life expectancy and conditions is wildly different than the U.S which can put them at a disadvantage.

Now if you fall under one of these states or you know someone who does or some of the other states I didn’t get to mention, it’s important that you get help QUICKLY.

The NCLEX is changing next month permanently and there’s nothing you or I can do about.

You have to prepare for the change with the right information, presented in a way that makes sense to you so you can pass.

These are all things that I teach in depth inside of our School of the NCLEX Course.